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15-04-08, 20:06
Hey, I noticed this on the news report on Google Desktop.
PC World

What in the name of swearing, screaming, deluging, bloody-red Flash animations could this mystery countdown on Sony Japan's official PlayStation site ...

CLICK (http://blogs.pcworld.com/gameon/archives/006801.html) for continuation

Does anyone know what this is about ?

15-04-08, 20:08
Ummm, nope...

Moved to games / console section.

15-04-08, 20:09
Sorry, my bad =/

15-04-08, 20:16
Perhaps a new Blockbuster game will get revealed. I heard that Team ICO is working on a new game (the developers of ICO and 'Shadows of the Colossus').

15-04-08, 20:17
They're going to announce that Uncharted will be ported over to the 360, and they'll make it look amazing and they will also add more missions and features into the game.


15-04-08, 20:24
Please no daydreams :p.

15-04-08, 20:33
Please no daydreams :p.

They're all I have!


15-04-08, 20:41
Silent Hill V goes PS3 exclusive?

I have no idea, but the blood and the souns make it seem like a big horror title is about to get announced. :confused:

Siren, as the article suggests seems to be a possibility as well.
What about Heavy Rain? The raindrops are there, and that game should be properly announced about now.

15-04-08, 20:55
I reckon thats either..

Silent Hill v
Forbideen Siren or
Project Zero on ps3

15-04-08, 20:58
Maybe Resident Evil 5 or Silent Hill 5? :confused:

da tomb raider!
15-04-08, 21:14
It could be Siren or Silent Hill.

16-04-08, 10:49
Silent hill has already been announced and is multi-platform, it's got to be a new siren, the distorted screen, rain droplets and muffled voices just all fit it too well. I like the idea of it being Heavy Rain but that game (as far as we know) doesn't have the Silent Hill-style atmosphere and is neither developed by Sony or made in Japan.

16-04-08, 16:02
It's Forbidden Siren 3.Famitsu confirmed it.