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16-04-08, 03:01

Our town wants to build a new, bigger sheetz convienent store across the street from the current sheetz store we have now. The thing is, there is this 100 year old warehouse store sitting on the lot that they want to build this sheetz on. The warehouse has been vacant for about two years now, and I'll admit it is a big, grey eyesore. A development corporation has offered to buy the property the building sits on, along with a house my aunt used to live in and another vacant house and tear all the structures down to build a bigger, better sheetz.

Here is the problem I have with this: I live in a small town that used to be quiet until a whole bunch of apartments went up which created alot more traffic through the town, and with the current Sheetz we had see enough traffic already. A bigger sheetz with better parking is just going to create ALOT more noise and traffic for the town, and its going to ruin whats left of the "historic, small town" image that its had since the 1700's. Another problem I have is the tearing down of an old building to put up a darn convience store that doesn't really need to be built IMO. The current one has suited everyone just fine since the 1980s. Yes it is a bit on the small side, and the parking is kind of tight at times but it works.:hea:

They could find another use for the old factory building. Since 1900 its been a hosiery factory, and a furniture store. I know that they can find a new use for it some how(apartments aren't the answer as we have enough of the old buildings in town turned into apartments and duplexes). Our town hasn't been great when it comes to saving historic buildings, just a few years ago they tore down a 230 yr old log house to make a parking lot. So it isn't looking too good for the old warehouse building. Good news is that if people in the town can come up with a good idea to save the structure then the town will deny the request for purchase.

Sorry, alot of you may find this boring but I just had to vent a little.:mad:

16-04-08, 03:43
Well, go down the street and protest, or get the signatures of the people in the neightborhood and complain to the authorities, posting on this forum wont help u at all, jsut to let u know.

16-04-08, 03:44
its sad to see stuff like this happen, and it happens all the time. In Raleigh, NC, they tore up the fayetteville street mall. It was my favorite part of downtown. Basically it was like any other street that ran between the building of downtown, except it was only for foot traffic. It had fountains in the middle and of course there were stores (hence the mall part of the name). They tore all of that up and made it a regular roadway. but thats all done with now and I have to move on.

Your town still has a chance to fight this. You have to come up with a good use for the building that will bring in money for the city. Simply complaining that it will cause more traffic will not get anything accomplished. Money is being dangled in front of them and now it is up to the townsfolk to rally together with a better plan that will make everyone happy.

16-04-08, 05:55
posting on this forum wont help u at all, jsut to let u know.

And that comment was? People are allowed to ask for help here, you know.

And dude: Spellcheck. Just saying.

16-04-08, 07:53
That's sad, but yeah, things like that happen. Like spikejones said, there's still a chance for you to stop that. You will definitely need to work quick; perhaps plan your steps: getting a petition, rounding up people for support...you've to work fast. All in all, I wish you all the best! :tmb:

16-04-08, 08:04
Is this old building any bigger than the current Sheetz store? Perhaps they could renovate the warehouse building, and move their new store into it. That way, they get to expand their business as they want to, the old building is saved and given a new purpose, and they can knock down the old Sheetz store to build their car park, on the other side of the street.

Would the Sheetz company be willing to consider this as a proposal? Or the local authority?

16-04-08, 13:50
Turn it into a park.

16-04-08, 13:57
its sad when somebody wanna erase the history and build some crap instead. It happens here everyday

16-04-08, 14:38
Our town wants to build a new, bigger sheetz convienent store across the street from the current sheetz store we have now.

ALL (okay, most) people are the cause of this ****, dear consumer. ;)

16-04-08, 15:51
I thought that since the building is so huge that setting up small stores inside of it, or perhaps turning it into an antique mall or an art gallery would be a good idea, use it to display work from local artists. We still have some time to save the building, and I'm going to write a letter with my ideas and hand deliver it to the town council on Friday.

16-04-08, 16:00
Good Idea, but the Declaration of Independence wasn't just signed by one person. They will probably scoff at you, you need to stand your ground, and probably get some other peoples signatures on the letter. Make it a typed letter with handwritten signatures on an attached sheet. If you have to, get all your supporters to rally outside the building while you are inside talking. Make some "save the history" or whatever signs.

RIOT!! (jk):)

Good luck!

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16-04-08, 16:06
Yeah thats a good idea to get more signatures on the letter, thanks for the tip becuase they probably would scoff at me lol.

16-04-08, 16:08
As log as you don't break any laws in the process, you'll be okay. The constitution gives citizens the rights of RASPP. That is Religion, Assembly, Speech, Petition, and Press. If you or anyone you know has a contact at the local paper or even TV news station, take advantage of it.

16-04-08, 18:11
And that comment was? People are allowed to ask for help here, you know.

And dude: Spellcheck. Just saying.

Well, just saying, your post didn't contribute anything to the OP's question, while the first part of mine does.

@OP: Make sure u show the signatures to the top authorities of your place or else they will throw it to the trash can like our did, we made a list who wanted to change the food in school, and turned it to the Counselor, she threw it to the trash can instead of giving it to the Principle. Just telling you so you won't waste your effort.