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16-04-08, 17:54
Hi everyone,
When I place a falling floor, (like the ones in TR1 and 2,) when I set the dummy trigger under the falling floor, it appears invisible when she stands on it- it falls correctly and the bits fall out of it, but it is always invisible- does anyone know why?

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16-04-08, 22:03
What do you mean by invisible?

A. The floor is literally invisible, like you can't see the tiles.
B. You can see the floor, but Lara goes through it before it finishes crumbling.

or is it something else?

Lara's Backpack
16-04-08, 22:58
A picture would be helpful

16-04-08, 23:26
He means that it animates, but thetrigger ain't working and Lara falls through it as if its not there.;)
I had the same probs too. It depends on wether you put them on the floor or down from the cieling, and how you place the triggers.

17-04-08, 14:57
Do you need a door? I don't really know anything about dummy triggers, because I never use them!

17-04-08, 15:49
It animates and works correctly, but appears invisible. For example, Lara steps on it and it crumbles and falls after a few seconds, but what I want to know is how to make it visible. It just appears as it's not there but it actually is. It's quite hard to explain and my computer won't let me insert any images.

By the way A is the answer.

17-04-08, 18:20
Did you set the object to invisible?

Click the FALLING_BLOCK object, and press "o" on your keyboard. It will bring up a the OCB box:


Notice the "Invisible" button? See if you toggled that by mistake.

And the "Numbers Here" box should have a "1" in it. After typing the "1", hit enter to save the number, then click OK.

17-04-08, 18:52
The falling floors from TR1 thru TR3 will not work with TRLE. You will need to use one from TR4.