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16-04-08, 23:05
HOW do u make lara wear cothes that u donloaded before.?????????????:confused: plz help me

imsoo dumb :(

16-04-08, 23:23
You want Lara to wear the downloaded clothes?:confused:
Download Wedmerger from trsearch and open the WAD of your level (ie)Tut1
and on he right open the downloaded WAD (ie)Legend outfit
Now click 'COPY' when clicked on the items to copy them over to your level.
Replaces ALL of them though...

16-04-08, 23:23
HOW do u make lara wear cothes that u donloaded before.?

You don't.

This is not Legend, where what you can do is dress Lara and that's it.

When you are building a level yourself, you can exchange the default TR4 Lara model for one(!) other Lara model.
Then that will be the Lara model in your level and players of that level have to live with that.

You can find many Lara models at http://www.trsearch.org . They are called outfits.
They also have a good tutorial on how to install those outfits over there, it is pretty easy.
And the program you will need to do it - WADMerger - is also available at that same site.
beaten - if only by seconds

17-04-08, 02:34
WAIT A MINUTE, I want to know how you make Lara NOT wear clothes :cln:


(that was a joke incase you didnt know)

Zelda master
17-04-08, 09:11
Texture her whole body into the head colour:p

17-04-08, 14:31
WAIT A MINUTE, I want to know how you make Lara NOT wear clothes :cln:

This reminds me of that you actually can have Lara change cloth once or undress - but that is pretty advanced stuff.
There is a small tutorial in spanish for TR3 levels here

Link removed awaiting moderators note

17-04-08, 14:47
We all know about the forbidden N-RAIDER, so if you are successful, you must not realease that so called 'outfit' onto this forum, trle.net, or trsearch.org. Or basically any other related website.;)

17-04-08, 15:10
Hm, I had been thinking about that, but the tutorial is just about meshswapping Lara, does not necessarily mean that she ends up undressed.

And for me it has been the only tuto I ever found on that subject.

I would like to know about other tutorials (trle) on that subject myself.

I will report my own post to moderators and then they allow the link or not.

17-04-08, 18:26
Download the outfit you want to use from trsearch.org (http://trsearch.org).

Then download WADMerger (http://www.trsearch.org/Tools/22/).

Then use WADMerger to add the outfit to your desired WAD file. Tutorial (http://sceneshiz.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=94&Itemid=50).

17-04-08, 23:17
What I said was just a joke, i'm not looking for nude raider or anything. I even said it was a joke at the bottom of my post :o