View Full Version : How do you take objects from a wad and put them into meta?

Lara's #1 Pal
17-04-08, 07:03
How do you take objects from a wad and put them into meta?

17-04-08, 07:26
The tool which will help you achieve this is Stripx. Stripx can also open WADS in order to texture them, import meshes/objects or export them.

1) Run Stripx
2) Open your WAD ( File -> Open )
3) Locate the object you want to put into Meta by scrolling trough the object list
4) Now click file -> export dfx
5) It will ask you to insert a name for the .dfx file
6) Now you can open the dfx file in Meta
7) When opening the file make sure multiply is set to 1, x is set to 1, press Swap YZ button once and invert faces box ticked.
8) Congratulations, your object is loaded in Meta

I assume you know how Meta works and the import/export settings but just incase or for those who don't. Some things you should know:
- Multiply 1 means that the object will retain its true size as it is. If this makes it hard to work with, you can ofcourse mulitply by 2 or more. But when importing the object back you have to divide it with the ammount you mulitplied else you will have a giant object or micro object in game
- ZY button swapping is for positioning the object correctly so it views correct. Else it mide be lying down or upside down etc.