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17-04-08, 16:50
I have some audio clips of lara saying certan things in my level:
(Melony Tomb Raider did the voice for me. Cheers :))
I have triggered them same as all the other audio clips (Trigger, CD, Track number) But they do not play? Is there a certain format they must be? I noticed they were listed as windows media files, not wave files like the others, but they are in wave format, but the sounds that work are all 4 bit, whereas these are 16 bit, is that the problem? If so how do i change them?

Any advice on audio would be helpful, its all getting very confusing :(

17-04-08, 16:54
Yes, the format has to be excactly the same as the rest of the audio files.

Easiest way to do this for Audio is using Microsoft's sound recorder. When saving as, hit the button to change the sample format. Select Microsoft ADPCM 44.100 khz 4bit Stereo.

I don't know if wma's are accepted by the game. Only wav and if you want to use ogg you will have to apply special feature ( TREP ogg enable , search around )

17-04-08, 17:02
Does the OGG files have to be specific like the wav files?

17-04-08, 17:02
Ok thanks, Just because im a complete dunce, how do i find microsoft Sound Recorder? lol sorry for my div-ishness :p

17-04-08, 17:08
Start>Programs>Accessories>Entertainment. :)

17-04-08, 17:19
Yer I found it but it wont even open the files, says they are not valid wave file types?

17-04-08, 17:59
Hmmm I thought you had wav format. Seems like you have different format. In that case you can use an audio editing program.

edit: nvm the link I posted. It doesn't open wma files cause they are "patend protected". You need to find a software to be able to open these kind of protected formats.

edit2: I can suggest you to send me your audio file so I can convert it for you, unless ofcourse you want to learn to do it yourself. It's your call.

17-04-08, 18:16
Ok now your having a laugh! look at this!?!?!?


Wat the hell? i wanted to use this program to convert it! How the hell do i stop it from being a windows media player file?

17-04-08, 18:17
Well you said they are wma files.

In general Wikipedia : Audacity (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Audacity) is a good and free wav file editor, but I don't think you can import .wma files. Not the fault of Audacity, but microsoft being so restrictive / secretive about their crappy fileformats.

Do you have winamp installed ? Any file you can play in winamp (also videos), you can have winamp write the audio of it to disk as wav file. http://www.winamp.com/

Open the files in winamp. Stop the replay.
Do a Ctrl+P to open the Preferences Dialogue (or do a right click on the main window, ->options ->preferences.)
In the Preferences dialogue go to the Plugins -> Output.
Choose nullsoft diskwriter plugin, and doubleclick to configure :

- the output file location
- check "convert to format" on the right side
- click the big button displaying what format is currently chosen
--- choose Format : Microsoft ADPCM
--- choose Attribute : 44.100 kHz; 4 Bit; stereo.

Now hit OK / OK / Close and then in the main winamp window the "play" button. You will not hear the tracks, but you can see how winamp 'plays' them.

That's it, the files should be where you said they shall be, all in the right trle format.

When you are done, set winamp again to use direct sound output plugin in the preferences if you want to use it to listen to any music.
I did not test this on pure wma files, I don't have any on my computer, but I did this with .wmv videos and it worked :)
I am using winamp 5.22

17-04-08, 18:23
OMG another program to download? if my dad finds all these he will kill me!

Ok now this is just getting ridiculous, evey time itry to open winamp in crashes??

YES It Worked thank you so much snork!! thanks

17-04-08, 18:33
You don't need to install a thing. Convert your audio files on this site.

Media-Convert.com (http://media-convert.com/)

Convert your audio file to wave format (.wav), then open it in Sound Recorder. (Start>Programs>Accessories>Entertainment)

Then in sound recorder, go to Sound Selection (File>Properties>Convert Now>) and edit it to proper format.

The audio format TRLE uses is:
WAV Format:
Microsoft ADPCM
44,100 kHz
4 Bit

Save the file, and name it any number between 000 and 111. Numbers higher than 111 will not be recognized in game. Add the audio file to your audio folder in the TRLE folder.

Hope this helps.

17-04-08, 18:34
OMG another program to download? :p

I asked for that program, because some years ago, it was a very common audio player, likely to be on many people's computer anyway.

Maybe you can doe the same with windows media player, but I pretty much never use it and thus can't tell.
Let's hope someone who really knows their WMP comes around. Or you try and see ...

For winamp crashing - sorry :(
I still use mpex.net as a good site with documentation etc. around winamp, but I always used the german language part of that site, I can't say how good or not their english language part is.

edit : cool, an online converter, that's slick! Wow, powerful, thank you for the link.

17-04-08, 18:37
Oh well it works now im happy

Thanks or all the help :)

17-04-08, 18:38
ah mattslu, that is indeed much easier way for sure. Online converting, hmmm never knew that excisted.

Seems like you seen my edit post just after you already downloaded the program >.< well you don't have to delete it, in future it might come in handy for further audio/sound editing. Follow mattslu's advice and you'll do just fine.

I myself use Fairstars audio converter or something it can open windows media player formats without whining about patent or protection.

edit: Glad it worked out ^^