View Full Version : help to work in video game industry

17-04-08, 21:50
My concern and question is how to earn a spot in the video game industry. I am currently working on to get my degree in communication design but still have 3 more years. Im not sure if this is the right direction in working towards video games since most people suggest that i earn a degree in computer science instead. So please help me what i need to do because i think it would be fun to work with games such as our very own tomb raider.

17-04-08, 22:03
lol, who wouldnt want to work in game industry? :rolleyes:
how to get there? i have no idea. i guess if u would have some friends familiar with this stuff or working there it would be much easier :)

17-04-08, 22:05
You need to start by researching what you would like to do, in the games industry there are many roles. Get some experiance by using software thats relevent to you. It might also help if you get some qualifcations related to video games. like my firend Bumio said, it's a tough industry to get into, but if you are willing to put in the hours and your talented in what you want to do you can get far.

If you need anymore help just send a pm, becuase I am studying at the moment to get into the games industry. ;)