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Lafa Cvoft
18-04-08, 11:47
So sry for posting, but i can't stand it...:confused:
I found 2 same videoes....it is Avril....song is Innocence....but i can't stand, how can it be so? Avril made this video 4 fun?
Explain me please....

Hardcore Nerd
18-04-08, 11:50
"This video is no more available"

What's the strange with this video? :)

Lafa Cvoft
18-04-08, 11:52
URL for video...
Really can't stand it.....
It's Avril i hr own person....but why not official? :confused:

18-04-08, 11:53
Coming from a fan, I think the video's fine. The song itself is pretty cool, the first minute or so is a bit iffy.

Avril Rocks :mis:

Lafa Cvoft
18-04-08, 11:55
you think it's fan? But i foud 2 the same videoes from different persons :confused:

18-04-08, 12:01
Sorry, I meant: coming from me, a fan, I think the video's all right.

But I didnt notice this before- is the video official or not? I'm confused :confused:

Lafa Cvoft
18-04-08, 12:04
i am a fan too....and i am cinfused about that why it is not official :confused:
Is it Avril's fan who looks alike or it is Avril....that don't want this song to be official...:confused:

18-04-08, 12:10
I'm pretty sure that's Avril- Maybe it's just a video that got produced ages ago but was never released?

Lafa Cvoft
18-04-08, 12:14
may be we will ask Avril :D? She knows better :rolleyes: :D
But she really looks alike.....dunno what to say.....It is not old song...it is my favourite song from TBDT....

18-04-08, 12:28
I dunno, it does look like something new, maybe unreleased footage, but I doubt this is an official video for Innocence, Avril would normally have herself singing in the video, she hasnt done a video where the song is just running in the background...

I dunno, I just dont think this is official.

18-04-08, 13:05
I know she released Innocence in Italy on the radio, but I am sure that is the video for a different bands song which Avril was in the video for, not sure though.

EDIT: Definatly not official, it has clips from her video Nobody's Home at the end.

Lafa Cvoft
18-04-08, 18:06
I know, why it is not official, as 2 weeks ago she realized TBDT clip....but it looks so realistic, that it could be official video :rolleyes:

( my favourite song ( Innocence) won't have a clip, as TBDT - the last video from last album, as said avril :()

18-04-08, 18:13
The beginning clips are of her appearance in a song for one of Butch Walkers songs I think. :)

Its not official, TBDT is the last video for her current album and Innocence is being released as a radio single only, in italy.

18-04-08, 18:46
^ It's this one:

Click (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PMDMMfrDUBI).


18-04-08, 19:03
TBDT shouldn't have been the latest single. And the video was cringeworthy aswell.

18-04-08, 19:25
It's not the official video :(

18-04-08, 19:47
I love Avril Lavigne, anything she does, any song she writes, I love. And I love that video and I love that song. xD I'm seeing her live a week after I turn 17 which is next month.

Can I just say, some of that footage looks like it's from the "Nobodys Home" music video. It pretty much looks like she made those clips while she was in the age of "Under My Skin" and has used it for her new song.

EDIT: okay, half that video IS DEFINITELY from the "Nobodys Home" music video. Aha! This video isn't official. It's a fanbased video. It's nothing official.

18-04-08, 20:12
TBDT shouldn't have been the latest single. And the video was cringeworthy aswell.

I love the video, but Runaway would have been a great 4th single :)

Lafa Cvoft
19-04-08, 17:53
^^2th sinle - The Best Damn Thing ;)
And Innocence could be better...
I think, Avril could be proud of this video, as it made really....well done! :tmb: It looks like official....i think it is the best clip and sinle.....Of TBDT :D
( As i prefer Complicated and Muy Happy Ending)

Lara Coft Baby
04-05-08, 08:44
looks like a pretty good video. :p I really like that song :jmp:

04-05-08, 09:27
I really like that song :jmp:

Me too, it's one of my favourites.

04-05-08, 10:06
I'm not a mega fan of newer Avril, but some of her songs are great. Especially this one. I agree that TBDT video shouldn't have been made, it's a very cringey video. I mean, cheerleaders and all that pink, It scares me. :vlol::p

04-05-08, 11:09
Don't watch it then.

04-05-08, 11:16
Don't watch it then.

I'm not complaining. :confused: I like the song, just not the video. I think Avril's a good singer.

04-05-08, 11:27
It's not the official video btw, the clips at the end are from her song Nobody's Home.

04-05-08, 11:32
I meant the video for The Best Damn Thing. :wve:

04-05-08, 11:35
Yeah I know lol, I just noticed on page 2 someone said they liked the new video or something, refering to the Innocence one.

I love TBDT though, Avril is so cute in it.

04-05-08, 16:34
Ok. i love the song but the video did not go with the vid ok ''this is the best feeling'' when she just seen her boyfriend cheating?

And tward the end thats not to that video that want to go home cideo or something like that

and i cheacked for the offical video. there isent one.;)

04-05-08, 18:47
Avril Lavigne has got to have the worst music out there XD Ok, Tokio Hotel, and most pop and hip hop crap are worst anyway. I cannot really comment since I don't listen to this kind of music at all... :p

04-05-08, 21:45
Avril Lavigne has got to have the worst music out there XD Ok, Tokio Hotel, and most pop and hip hop crap are worst anyway. I cannot really comment since I don't listen to this kind of music at all... :p

So why did you bother making this post at all?