View Full Version : Hiroshima Peace Park.

18-04-08, 12:40
Hi guys, As some of you might now, Im in Japan, have been for 2weeks now. We arrived in Hiroshima yesterday and my grandma and I went to the Hiroshima Peace Park today. It was the most emotional experience, reading and watching and listening about everything that happened was very touching and bought tears to my eyes every now and then.

Has anyone else been to the Peace Park? If not, If you ever go to Japan, I suggest you make hiroshima a stop, it will be an experience you will never forget.

18-04-08, 13:02
I'm so glad you're enjoying the trip! :)
I can only imagine that the Hiroshima peace place is touchy. :(

18-04-08, 13:50
I've never been in a peace park before but I am just imagining that I am in peace :p

Nice experience btw ;)