View Full Version : Piece of Artwork i have

18-04-08, 17:29
Some of you may know i have a large (90cm x 50cm) canvas of a pop art styled Angelina Jolie.

I bought it with the intention of putting it on my wall (obviously) but i never have got round to it - and now were redecorating my room it just wont fit.

All im wondering is with this being specifically a Tomb Raider forum whether i could post a link to eBay when its set up?

I'm gonna be frank and say, yes, it is to maximize the chance of someone buying it by posting here, BUT i know that most people on here would also really like something like it.

If any mods could clarify whats best for me to do that would be great.

Thanks :)

18-04-08, 17:32
The T&C specifically states that advertising is not permissable here. Sorry jjbennett, but rules are rules (though the picture sounds terrific).