View Full Version : Ever been to a concert...

Lara Lover
18-04-08, 18:04
... by yourself? :) I'm tempted to go to a show as the ticket is pretty cheap and its real close to the stage! :D

18-04-08, 18:07
Nope, I don't like going on my own. If I pass out from drinking too much my friends have to carry me out aha, so without them I'd be screwed lol.

18-04-08, 18:14
I've never been to one on my own personally, but I say go for it I'm sure you'll have a great time. :D

Lara Lover
18-04-08, 18:15
I've never been to one personally, but I say go for it I'm sure you'll have a great time. :D

lol. I've been to like 8 concerts. It's just never by myself. :p

18-04-08, 18:35
Yes, I saw Alanis Morrissette and Christina Aguilera by myself.

Had an absolute blast, I wasn't waiting around on anybody, could leave when I wanted to.

I would recommend it, but only if you're old enough to look after yourself!

18-04-08, 18:37
Sort off.....I was 11 and my mum dropped me off and met me after!!

*looks at shoes*

It was for Alvin Stardust though!!

*okay this will mean nothing to virtually everyone..and the ones who do know who he is will laugh their heads off*

It was a good one though!

OH and I have been to a few that I wished I was on my own! Roxy music/the Tourists springs to mind! I usually go off on my own anyway. Music is something you experience through your whole being if it's right!

18-04-08, 18:42
Yup, I've seen Fall Out Boy last year (I was fifteen) by myself. None of my friends are really big fans and the show was pretty far away. It might seem a bit boring waiting in front of the venue or for the band the appear, but from the second the show starts, you'll probably feel at home with all the other fans. :)

18-04-08, 18:51
Don't get me started... Long story(s), Lets just say I work backstage. ;)

Eddie Haskell
18-04-08, 18:59
I have been to a couple of hunderd in my life, but only 2 by myself. It sucks, I don't recommend it. Having no one to share the experience with is a downer.

18-04-08, 19:08
haha I think going by yourself makes it ...boring. But if you wanna do it, have fun =]

18-04-08, 19:12
Yes, I saw Siouxsie Sioux...With my Dad.

18-04-08, 19:12
I`ve seen Moby when I was 14 by myself and it was great!
And I love go to movies by myself because my attention is only for film, not people next to me!

Chiki Mina
18-04-08, 19:14
By myself? No way :D. I went to the Linkin Park concert with my buddies and had a hell of a time together *hic* As well us with my cousin to the Usher concert that was taken place in Puerto Rico :D

18-04-08, 19:27
yup went with friends but came back alone :D

Mona Sax
18-04-08, 20:22
Yes. Of course it's more fun with friends or a special someone, but sometimes that just doesn't work out... and some of my tastes are quite unique, too.

18-04-08, 20:40
Dousnt sound...safe...

Lux veritata
18-04-08, 20:52
I've been to a Metallica concert in Oslo with good friends:DThat was one of the best times ever in my life!Metallica rocks hehe

18-04-08, 21:11
if you have the confidence to go by yourself and not care what anyone thinks then go for it:)

19-04-08, 00:11
Nope. I've been one with my parents and two with my brother/sister.

19-04-08, 00:17
The only time I have ever went to a concert was when I was playing. But I would never go by myself:p.

19-04-08, 00:17
Never by myself, but I've gone with some friends who didn't wish to go alone, to shows I didn't need to see.

Let's see, at the Palladium in Worcestor, I've seen:

Blind Guardian (in 2002), touring with Symphony X. I went with two good friends of mine.

Nile (in 2003), touring with Kreator, Vader, Amon Amarth, and Goat *****, with four friends and a date. Very memorable time.

Cannibal Corpse (2003 or 2004) touring with Macabre and Napalm Death, with a friend who didn't wish to go alone.

Kreator (2004, I think), with 4 friends who really wanted to see them again, though I didn't really care to. But still good fun.

Nightwish (2004, I think), touring with Lullacry, and I went with a friend who had no one else to go with, though it was a band I wanted to see live anyway.

Manowar (2005) touring with Rhapsody, and I went with a friend and my ex. Great show.

And I nearly went homocidal when I missed my chance to see Blind Guardian again when they returned in 2006.

When I look back at it, all of these experiences were defined by the people I went with me, more so than the bands themselves. I can't really imagine going to any show alone now. That would suck.

Last Angel
19-04-08, 00:19
never by myself but i went to Glastonbury & saw Kate Nash last year with a couple mates

19-04-08, 00:39
Yea ive been to a concert by myself on April 3 07 i saw Evanescence

19-04-08, 00:46
I mostly go alone. I love it... It's just me and the music. :jmp: Absolute perfection!

Some shows I went alone are Rammstein (about 3 times!), Tool, Limp Bizkit, My Chemical Romance, 30 Seconds To Mars, Bloc Party, Editors, etc..

Had absolutely no problems whatsoever in any of them, even in the more heavy ones. :p

19-04-08, 01:03
...I went to see Elliot Minor myself less than a fortnight ago. :)

19-04-08, 01:21
No not really, but I would love to see Janet Jackson in a concert.