View Full Version : Basic Stripx?

18-04-08, 21:30
I would like to know basically how to change the textures of objects. I know you do it in stripx. But how do I load a certain object from a wad that is packed with objects, then texture it using a simple texture from a texture set or something. Then I want to use it in my level. (I want to make a stone harpy ;)) Any help would be greatly appreciated.

19-04-08, 06:08
Start wadmerger and load your wad on the right side. Copy the desired object you want to edit to the left side. Now use the "add texture" botton and copy your desired texture into the wad that you have saved, extracted with a paint program.

If your texture you want to use is on another object copy this object to the left side too. Save your wad as EDIT.was. Now you have a separate wad to edit objects in without searching through the mesh list or flipping through the texture pages.

Edit your object, save it. Load your level wad and your edit wad on the right. Copy your edited object back. For simple objects I dont save it in a separate wad but for more complicated mesh setup and devided textures it works for me :)

19-04-08, 19:04
Thank you very much:)