View Full Version : TR2Prj problem

18-04-08, 22:09
I loaded a level of TR1 in tr2prj, opened the prj in the editor, loaded the texture and the objects, then I tried to test it, outputting the wad and converting it with tom2pc, when I tried to open the level, I got this

[img in 800x600]

the tr2prj is just to see the prj? I cant output it to the tomb4?

18-04-08, 22:49
Try to reconnect all rooms or see the errors with TRFix :D

18-04-08, 22:59
I deleted and replaced lara in the map and it worked
but it's very bright and doesn't have any objects
will I have to use tom2wad (or something like that.) to rip the objects?

18-04-08, 23:07

orignal wad - it is not ready for the editor :o

God Horus
18-04-08, 23:10
Do you have a wad loaded in editor, and also, did you place the LARA object?

18-04-08, 23:10
ah, thank you
I will only use the prj for reference
No need to test the level with tr4 engine, was just for fun, I have the original game installed

Thanks anyway (: