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19-04-08, 11:39
Hi everyone,
I have made a flyby showing a flood on my icy level, but I want it to start on the first camera. When I do it, it starts at lara and zooms through the walls and shows the in between walls texture. How do I get it to start at the first camera and not lara.

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19-04-08, 12:01
in the cameras ocb settings, try checking or unchecking number 0, this decides whether or not it starts at lara, i just can't remember which way round it is. Try it clicked on and off.

19-04-08, 12:04
Thanks ajewers- it worked.

19-04-08, 14:42
Glad I could help,

The answers were all in the manual though, The reference section on flybys has a ll the answers ;)

Also someone told me about these awesome data sheets which go into detail about flyby's, and lots of other stuff..

http://homepage.mac.com/uvavoo/mydownloads.html < you can download them all here
[Kudos go to Uvavoo for creating them]

I would suggest the combined data sheet, it is a great reference for building :)