View Full Version : My mum has got cancer...

19-04-08, 13:54
She was told at the doctors' yesterday, and told me today.

It's skin cancer...

But the good news is that it's treatable, but it was the shock that caught us...

Please pray for her.

19-04-08, 13:57
I'm so sorry to hear that .... I wish her fastest recovery.
Show all your love and support which you will anyway

19-04-08, 13:57
My thoughts are with you and your mother. But i cant pray since i dont belive in god. I know someone who had cancer, she survived and is now living a completley normal life:)

19-04-08, 14:01
That's awful, but I'm sure she'll be fine if the doctors believe it's been caught in time. It's amazing what medicine can do these days! I'm thinking of you :hug:

19-04-08, 14:03
That's so sad to hear. :( I'm glad it's treatable.

tlr online
19-04-08, 14:03
Best wishes.

Lara's home
19-04-08, 14:06
I'm very sorry to hear that.
I hope and think everything will turn out well though. :)

Tthe Spirit
19-04-08, 14:10
Hope your mom recovers as soon as possible.

dream raider
19-04-08, 14:19
Hope she recovers soon. :hug:

19-04-08, 14:28
My thoughts are with you all :hug:

19-04-08, 14:50
Very sorry to hear that. I'm glad she can get treated and I hope she recovers quickly:hug:

19-04-08, 14:57
This is so sad, I'm really sorry to hear this, but with your support and love she'll get better very soon, don't worry :hug:

KC Mraz
19-04-08, 15:24
All the best to your mom and your family :hug:.

19-04-08, 15:25
I'm sorry. I wish you, your mum and your family the best. :hug:

19-04-08, 15:26
I'm sorry to hear about your mother's illness; you're in my prayers :hug:

19-04-08, 15:26
good luck to your mum and your family:)

19-04-08, 15:36
I'm so sorry about that.

This best thing you can do is be strong for her, you're in my thoughts.

Last Angel
19-04-08, 16:22
i know how you feel but my mum got through it :) best wishes :hug:

19-04-08, 16:27
Sorry to hear about that. :hug: I hope for speedy recovery.

19-04-08, 16:28
Sorry to hear, You'll be in my thoughts and prayers.

Sir Croft
19-04-08, 16:30
I feel sorry for you. Best wishes. :hug:

19-04-08, 16:36
Im so sorry to hear that..i wish her well and a fast recovery!:)

19-04-08, 16:43
I hope for the best :)

19-04-08, 16:49
Best wishes! :wve:

Alex Fly
19-04-08, 17:29
Aww... :( You have all my support ! :hug:

19-04-08, 17:51
my deepest sympathy

my mother has breast cancer:(

19-04-08, 17:51
Im sorry to hear about that, I hope she gets well soon :hug:

19-04-08, 18:40
my mother has breast cancer:(

So sorry to hear that.

19-04-08, 19:11
my deepest sympathy

my mother has breast cancer:(

Best wishes to both of you. :hug:

19-04-08, 19:13
:( i'm very sorry to hear that, at least it is treatable, you have my prayers

19-04-08, 20:12
I'm so sorry to hear that. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

19-04-08, 20:14
my mom recently recovered from breast cancer. here's hoping your mom does the same.

Seb_01225, i'm pulling for her. i know it's not easy. hang in there, ok?

19-04-08, 20:28
Oh, that's horrible! :( She's in my prayers. Best of luck to get this cured! :hug:

My dad has skin cancer, but it's benign, so there's no risk. Most skin cancer is usually benign. :hug:

19-04-08, 20:31
My mum had cancer when I was six and she survived. There are lot more survivors these days because of new technology and advancements in medicine so she's got much more of a chance than my mum :)

19-04-08, 20:32
What a shame! :( Best wishes.

19-04-08, 20:34
I'm so sorry to hear. :(

My mom had breast cancer when I was 8.

It's tough and I wish you and your mom and your whole family the best. Your mom is in my prayers. :)


19-04-08, 21:23
I'm very sorry to hear about this. But I hope that she will have a recovery. :hug:

19-04-08, 21:25
my mom recently recovered from breast cancer. here's hoping your mom does the same.

Seb_01225, i'm pulling for her. i know it's not easy. hang in there, ok?

thanks i hope she beats cancer
i wish it didnt even exist
its ruined her life:(

19-04-08, 22:31
I'm so sorry.
I strongly hope she gets treated.

19-04-08, 22:49
My mum had breast cancer, luckily she saw it in time :)

I hope your mom will go trough this easily and get well soon :hug:

19-04-08, 22:50
:(:hug: I hope all goes well.

19-04-08, 23:19
Best wishes.

Ditto :hug: we're all here for when you need us. :).

19-04-08, 23:41
I wish you the very best of luck. And her. It could be much worse... I hope all goes well.

Really off topic, Beanz, is 'Sex, drugs and sausage rolls' a Two Pints of Lager and a packet of crisps episode?! :p

19-04-08, 23:48

Veronica Ma
19-04-08, 23:54
I'm sorry to hear that... all the best to you and your family.

20-04-08, 00:31
My thoughts are with you. My dad had cancer, but he didn't stop fighting and he got through it, so your mum will do that too! :hug:

20-04-08, 00:49
i'm sorry to hear that :( It's good that it's treatable......my grandma has cancer and it spreaded all over her body.....and it's not treatable:(

20-04-08, 03:55
My mum had cancer :(

But she beat it!

It was actually quite strange, when my dad told me I couldn't believe it. I don't know if it was just because I was shocked or what. I was so worried, but then at the same time I sort of knew she was going to be alright, and she was. It's scary though. Especially when it happens to one of your immediate family members or best friends.

20-04-08, 04:01
Everything is going to be alright. Best wishes :)

20-04-08, 04:05
I hate cancers :mad:

I will pray for her :hug:

20-04-08, 05:35
Oh dear, well it's good to know that it's treatable, so all the best & I wish your mom & your family strength to overcome this! :tmb: :hug:

20-04-08, 11:26
i'm sorry to hear that :( It's good that it's treatable......my grandma has cancer and it spreaded all over her body.....and it's not treatable:(

So sorry to hear that. My thoughts and prayers are with you. :hug:

21-04-08, 07:07
Find the positive in every prognosis and celebrate it! Downplay, but don't ignore the hard reality of the negative stuff. Sincerity is crucial. Honesty even more so. LISTEN to the person who is sick. It's easy to deny what you don't want to here. You're all in it together. Use teamwork to your advantage.
Be well. :hug:

Lara's Backpack
21-04-08, 07:15
I feel for you, my younger sister has leukemia - cancer of the blood. Shes 4 years old. They dont think she'll live past ten.

I wish your mum all the best, did she find it early? Because its the most treatable cancer.

21-04-08, 08:04
You're both in my heart!!!!!
Hope your mother gets well soon!! Be strong, you can count on our support!:hug:

21-04-08, 10:51
my grandma and my stepfather both had skincancer, they turned out just fine, sure your mother will be as great as before again! :)

21-04-08, 12:07
I will pray for her :hug: Just don't worry and stay calm :)

23-04-08, 20:11

She's got some liquid nitrogen to freeze the area, she says it stings, but that's normal. So hopefully soon, she'll be given the all-clear.

23-04-08, 20:23
^ Glad to hear that :tmb: Good news :)

24-04-08, 00:56
I'll keep your family in my prayers :hug:

A lot of people around where I live have / have had cancer, and they are strong and surviving now! Be strong! :hug:

And that's great news! :tmb:

24-04-08, 00:58
That's no good. ]: Well I wish her the best of luck, and some comfort to you. Fortunately skin cancer is, like you said, treatable. But anyway, good luck to you and your family.

24-04-08, 00:58
ahhhwe crap. I hope it all works out for her :hug:

Lonely Istari
24-04-08, 03:27
I will say a prayer for you and your mom. :hug: Hope all goes well!

25-04-08, 14:50
I pray that your mom is alright. Good luck and be strong. :hug:

26-04-08, 13:38
I'm terrified to hear that... But, keep your head up!! You'll see, everything will work out!! Be strong! I'm praying for you and your family, and, of course, your mother! :hug:

Nitro Typhoon
26-04-08, 15:15
That's terrible..

Even though I'd prefer to keep it my own family's business, it must have been quite scary.

Hope she recovers soon! :)

26-04-08, 15:22
Hope she's getting better after that treatment! Good luck :hug: