View Full Version : atlas lara croft statues question?

20-04-08, 03:06
hi all. my first post here. i have a few questions on the french atlas lara croft statues that came out over the past few years. specifically, i wanted to ask about the 6 LE larger diorama statues. my questions are:

1. were these 6 statues limited to 3500 copies?
2. did each statue come with a COA, or are the statues themselves numbered?
3. did each LE statue come with a certain artifact or artifacts?
4. how much did these cost originally?
5. how is the quality and what is the approximate statue size?

please post any responses here. i have the opportunity to buy a few and wanted to get some background information first.

thanks! :jmp:

20-04-08, 03:12
Hi, and welcome to the forums! :wve:

I'm not quite sure what you are asking, but somebody on here might, otherwise you might want to try looking it up on google.