View Full Version : any cool tomb raider music

20-04-08, 04:27
im looking for some cool heavy dj mix for tomb raider or just any upbeat tempo music for tomb raider. Can you guys please tell me where i can go to find some really cool tomb raider music and i know tombraiderchronicles.com so dont tell me that one already. thanks.

20-04-08, 04:37
spitfire... duh

prodigy - spitfire

20-04-08, 04:41
TR Legend, TR Anniversary and both TR1 & TR2 movies have great soundtracks. :D

20-04-08, 05:11
An additional question: Does anybody know the exact soundtrack number on trchronicles.com for the last song in Legend? The one where Lara gets all dramatic about her mother and leaves us with a clifhanger...I've googled it and searched the website but can't seem to find it anywhere, and I do love that song.

For your question: If you want the "soundtracks" for the first two games, I know the PS versions both have the full soundtrack on them, about 60 songs apiece, though many files are empty or just lines from the fmvs. Hope that helps!