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20-04-08, 18:04
Somehow when I've changed the script file as on the tutorial for name changing from Skribblerz it doesn't change anything! this is what I do:
1. Change name in the Script.txt
2. Copy the name on an already excisting line in English.txt
3. I run the English.??
4. English.?? opens and closes short time (this should happen I though)?
5. A I run tomb4.exe
B I Copy the script and the english to the TRLE map
(Both don't show any changes in game the names stay the same so de tut level is still called '' tutorial level ''!):mad:

20-04-08, 19:22

See the replies of some people which might help out..

20-04-08, 21:54
There is also a script editor, which is extremely easy to use. It's on the level editor resources page here (http://sceneshiz.com).

20-04-08, 22:44
You copy script.dat and english.dat to the main trle folder, not the map folder.

Lara's Backpack
20-04-08, 23:07
Have you got vista? I had the same problems... install the LE to your Documents.