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23-04-08, 12:20
Hey! I just can't figure it out.
Let's say in room 1 I have three triggers that should be activated before trigger in room 2 become unfreezed... It's just to complicated for me? Please help!:hea:

23-04-08, 17:48
Room 2: On top of the trigger you want to "freeze" put a "Trigger triggerer" object. Select that square and press the T button ( next to the B at the room panel ) the square should have blue border now

Room 1:
But I have no idea how you are triggering the triggers in room 1. By switches or just by standing on the square. In both cases you should place a Switch or Pad ( whatever you like ). Then place on top of that a trigger for the Trigger-trigger object. But with OCB buttons 1-2 pressed. Repeat the same for the 2nd trigger but with OCB button 3-4 pressed. And finally identical for the 3rd trigger but with OCB button 5 pressed.

Now if you stand on all three in room 1 , the trigger in room 2 will become active for usage.

16-05-08, 00:57
There are always ways around it though.
Once you step in the trigger triggerer, then that place becomes freezed right? So when you actually trigger the TT, the freezed trigger would trigger in that instant right?....
So you could make a rollingball trick, or a cameratrick and trigger the freezed trigger without the use of TT. But if you want said trigger hidden or not, then TT would suit you better.

Put the TT in the place where you put a trigger, and then in another trigger trigger the TT.
Now, imagine the first trigger is a normal one, and you pass by it at first, it will become freezed, until the TT is triggered (I think). If you didn't pass through it, then it won't be freezed since you didn't step on it, but whenever you step on it after triggering the TT, it will function.
That is the principle, but I never use it, since when I supposedely trigger the TT I want the other trigger to trigger too, meaning I can use a rollingball trick etc instead...

16-05-08, 06:22
So when you actually trigger the TT, the freezed trigger would trigger in that instant right?....


16-05-08, 17:31

But that happened to me one time...
Maybe I set the triggers wrong.

16-05-08, 20:57
Could be, like forgetting to hit the T button on the square where you want the trigger to freeze. Also I think you missunderstood the concept of the trigger-trigger.

Anytrigger square being bordered with blue ( T button ) are "frozen" or in other words inactive. The trigger has to be unfrozen, this is where the Trigger_Triggerer Nullmesh comes into action. If you place this above those squares and put somewhere a regular trigger for this nullmesh, it will lift the freeze state of the triggers under them. Thus becoming active for usage.

I'll show a screen to explain better: