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23-04-08, 16:46
I've just begun playing TRSearch HQ Emergency and as a level builder I've been wondering my head off about two things (and these are just from the first two levels - I'll probably find more to ask about when I get further into the game :p):

1. How is the frozen Winston (pushable) removed? I'm pretty certain the flyby focusing on the dining hall right after Lara has placed her frozen butler in front of the fireplace is done to conceal that the pushable is somehow removed and the walking Winston is triggered. But how did that pushable disappear?

2. In the Hall of Fame several impressive objects and outfits are presented to show the glory of the imagination in the TR-world.
In the hall devoted to the Object competition 2004 is a lensflare presented as an example of effects. What was done to those effects to make them join the competition? New sprites?

I hope someone with much more knowledge of the TRSearch Headquarters will have mercy on me and answer these questions. ;)

23-04-08, 17:25
The pushable from just looking at it was made dissapear using a KILL_ITEM trigger.

The flyby heavy triggered for frozen winston to dissapear by heavy_triggering the pushable and in its place, triggering living winston. The living winston had "invisible" button in its OCB settings pressed. Once living winston was triggered he was made visible and he went on his path.

Thats what I guess from looking at it and knowing things about TREP. :)

23-04-08, 18:13
There is a RAISING_BLOCK2 on the sector where you put the frozen winston. That one will proberly push him into the ceiling and make him disappear. Another way to get rid of pushables is by smashing them with the hammer, then they are shattered into pieces and they are removed as well. But I don't see a hammer in this map, so I guess he was just teleported up in the sky with a raising block.

About the hall of fame, in that object competition there was a vote, so if you want to know why some object won, ask the people who voted for it :)

26-04-08, 10:59
I had no idea one could loose a pushable by pushing it through the ceiling. Very interesting.

Concerning the effects I had been wondering if the creator had unearthed more knowlegde about their use like it was done with the white_light. I was interested because I hope to find a way to anti-trigger lens flares. In the Angkor Wat project Core has made anti-trigger for the local lens flare, but I can't get it to work.

It was in no way meant as a criticism of the effect or its creator. Just a great curiosity effect-wise. I apologize if my questions have seemed so.

27-04-08, 17:11
Several items can be transported upwards using the raising-block objects and/or the twoblock-platform.
Pushable objects and the burning torch objects can both be transported upwards this way. :D

I'm not sure with which other objects this can be done. I have never experimented with this. ;)

27-04-08, 17:23
With TRNG the collision on raising blocks is real time...so that it raises in time. It also works with rolling balls. Great for if you want to push them down a slope (yes, I said PUSH)...god bless TRNG. :)

27-04-08, 19:09
And in case you don't want to hide the pushable up in a room, or you cannot fit that in your level, you can always use an invisible hammer. A pushable will shatter into tiny bits when you smash it with a hammer, so that is another way to get rid of pushables.

27-04-08, 19:47
I hear about this a lot but are there actually any Hammers available? I cant find any in Tr4 or Tr1

27-04-08, 20:44
There are Hammers in the TR4 levels Great Hypostyle Hall & Tomb of Semerkhet. If you haven't got a TR4 disc you can download the wads from here:


27-04-08, 22:36
I uploaded a wad with the hammer object here (http://www.trsearch.org/wiki/HAMMER) in case anybody is looking for it.

02-05-08, 15:07
Now I've reached the Village (Eastern and Western part) and have some new questions (if the builder of these levels is willing to share the secrets).

1. What is the colour of the water in the canals? To me it seems to be the closest thing to the real "colour" of water. Of course I don't know if the colour of the canal textures affect my perception.

2. The lens flares of the street lights. They seem awfully faint and are almost invisible when one is close. Is that a TRNG-trick or have a sprite or two been made all transparent to minimize the intensity of the lens flare?

Thank you in advance.