View Full Version : Legend Of Spyro: Eternal Night Dream Textures

24-04-08, 06:26
I sooo need textures from Dream levels of TLOS:EN.

I'm making a dream level for my secret new project... And I'd like it to be somewhat spyroish. :D Maybe I'll even put Spyro himself there?.. :vlol:

Okay, so, if anybody knows how to do it, or knows a site containing these things, tell me...


24-04-08, 21:29
That was a good game. I don't have textures...:(

24-04-08, 21:40
Its not even a PC game, How you hope to get the textures from it?

25-04-08, 05:16
I hope, really. Maybe somebody emulated it and ripped texs?.. Maybe, there is even a site for this... but I couldn't find it by googling... :(