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Light a Flare
26-04-08, 14:50

I have placed two fires in my level, one of which is lit, and one which isn't. I have the Burning_Torch_item placed in my level. I pick the torch item up and light the torch using the lit fire. This all works fine, but when I come to light the other fire using the torch, it doesn't light. Do I need to put something in the log's OCB or something?

Also, how do I trigger a door to open after I have lit the fire?

Many Thanks,

LaF :)

26-04-08, 15:01
No OCB is required. You just put the flame emitter 1 or 2 and it will get lit if you stand on the same square as the emitter while lighting it up. You can put it either on the floor or on the wall. I never tried emitter3 though so I don't know if it works with this one.

To trigger a door to open. You put a heavy trigger for the emitter, on top of that you place the trigger for the door. When the emitter is lit, the door will open. This goes for all type of triggers ( camera, door, rollingball, enemy ). Just make sure the trigger for the emitter is set to heavy.

Light a Flare
26-04-08, 18:01
Great, thanks! It now works perfectly. :tmb: