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30-04-08, 00:08
I didn't find how to animate big textures on ngle, can someone help me please? :)

30-04-08, 00:25
like water.

theres a water texture on tr search that everyone likes using, i dont know where the like is, but if you do a search on trsearch for water, you should find it.

30-04-08, 00:26
but how do I animate it?

!Lara Croft!
30-04-08, 01:23
Water is pre-animated.

30-04-08, 01:41
Well I had this problem for a long time, too.
And I found a trick to animate my watertextures.

Just use a 64x64 Texture in the 128x128 Texture in the upper left corner (so it's the first quarter of the 128x128 Texture)

Like this:

http://s4.directupload.net/images/080430/temp/4y5vgq6t.jpg (http://s4.directupload.net/file/d/1415/4y5vgq6t_jpg.htm)

then in NGLE just set the animating range and try the Preview-Mode.
The water should be animated now. (But notice that it's just the quality of a 64x64 Texture)

30-04-08, 01:45
just like with the tr3 textures used to save space:D i never knew that could work here!!:)

30-04-08, 06:05
You must convert your .prj file to newer version (the one exe which changes your levels textures to 128x128 from 64x64) Sorry I can't remember the exe's name cause I don't have the ngle at school :S

30-04-08, 11:44