View Full Version : underworld UB

30-04-08, 17:52
Hay ive been playing this really good trle game Ive been playing all the underworlds there really good the story like and the levels really exiting.
Id love to see all of the underworlds all brought together with new moves and other cool stuff.
A 10/10 game

30-04-08, 18:59
There's an idea worth paying for!

I'd love to see that. :tmb: Would probably take a hell of a lot of time though. Specially if we would have the original team.

30-04-08, 19:06
OMG I had just completed the series. Amazing levels definately 10/10. original idea 10/10. Titia even participated in making the last 2 parts. So much fun, puzzling, and frustration!:hea: heehee those games are hilarious too...