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05-08-03, 03:55
I dont know 1 person here who like Resident Evil does anyone like it apart for me.
I have all RE's except Dead Aim looks crrap.

05-08-03, 03:56
I LOVE THE RESI SERIES!! the 3rd was the best one me-thinks

Stephen Trent
05-08-03, 03:57
Res evil rocks lol nooooooooooooo, RES 2 on ps was the best, serpent, have u pld any of the game cube ones :res evil and res evil 0????

05-08-03, 04:04
Yes I have rereamke and re0 for GC there cool

Stephen Trent
05-08-03, 04:07
i love the remake but i havent played RE0, i dont have an gamecube so i have sneak in to my mates house to play it, but lately hes been locking his windows and changed his locks...i think hes on to me :(

05-08-03, 04:10
I love re-make and zero. plus zeros cool cuz the character zappin. but it lacks suspense but remake was sppoky wasnt it

Stephen Trent
05-08-03, 04:13
yeah, it had all the stuff which made me think the original was cool, but with fantastic graphics, i love playing it in the dark, how spookey was that little girl who couldnt be killed, took me ages to relise that u had to push the staue over the side...........MOTHER :(

05-08-03, 04:16
Shes freaky her names Lisa Trevor and as you know shes invincible. I think the tyrant battle at the endo is cool. I have done easy normal and hard mods and got invisible enemy mode. OMG the enemys cant be seen. even more spooky

Stephen Trent
05-08-03, 04:19
LOL, i just thought wescar was quality, my mate tells me that in code veronica or something u find out hes a robot or something???

05-08-03, 04:25
Well In code veronica he is super human and tell your freind to stop wathing terminator!
Weskers eyes glow read and he is super strong.
Tell him he's watching terminator too much.

Stephen Trent
05-08-03, 04:28
1, u can never whatch terminator to much, 2, have u pld that game boy version, with Barry on that boat, lol BARRY, so the best character :D

05-08-03, 13:17
I love the Resident Evil games. I'd prolly rank them second to the Tomb Raider series. http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif
I bought the Gamecube when I read that the games would eventually be exclusive to that system.
Can't do without my RE games. <g>

05-08-03, 13:21
I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE RE since I first laid my eyes on it... Played them all :D ... Aren't the monsters lovely??? http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/redface.gif

05-08-03, 14:45
I think the ReMake is the scariest of them all. I hate the Crimson Heads and especiaslly when your in invisible enemy mode and One Dangerous Zombie (forest speyer) comes to get you. But RE is my Life game! Same with TR but I have been put off it a bit. (tiny bit)

05-08-03, 15:13
Hey, guys! Are you all guys? I am a gal who has loved RE since it first came out. Isn't the character acting super cheesy in RE 1 (original)? Aside from that, I think this series is incredible. I have always found it funny too when I run into grown men who said they couldn't play them because they were too scared! I think RE 2 was the best primarily due to the fact that there are 4 games in one! I have yet to find another game with this feature.

I also like Dino Crisis 1 and 2, Silent Hill 1 and 2 and Parasite Eve 1 and especially 2. Looking forward to playing Silent Hill 3. Dont have Gamecube but it they keep pumping out decent REs I will buy it. Jonesing to play the Zelda on it anyway.

05-08-03, 15:27
I think RE4 is also exlusive to GameCube. Actually it will be on GC. But after that I was told there will be no-more GC Resident Evils but they wont be saying that when GC2 cames out. Just think of the graphics. Xbox do have a little (bit) more graphics power than the other consoles but RE are not going near X-box. Plus I think that Microsoft wont be making and X-box 2.
Resident Evil I started playing when I was 9. The original (cheesy) then re2 re3 CV gunsurvive and so on...

05-08-03, 16:05
I like the Resident Evil games, at least the old PS1 titles. 1 and 2 were brilliant. Shame 3 totally sucked. But hey, such is life.