View Full Version : PATCHED "tomb4.exe" for mac?

01-05-08, 03:46
any idea if there's ANY way of getting the patched "tomb4.exe" to be compatible for mac? almost every new level coming out uses it, and i'd really love to be able to play them.

01-05-08, 07:10
Unfortunate no. Cause most tomb4.exe are TREPed with variety of patches which makes it unable to play on MAC. Unless they used distantview annd other small patches which makes bootable on a MAC but at the end you cannot see the changes.

Currently there is no compatability between TREP and MAC. If you wan't to play anyhow, then you need to create a virtual windows machine but I think this is only possible on Intel based Macintosh computers.

01-05-08, 13:55
hm - thanks Yasin.
i'll probably eventually get BootCamp or something for my (Intel-Based) mac. just needed to make sure there wasn't an easier way.

thanks again :wve: