View Full Version : (NGLE) Whats the "Crash Resume System" and where do I download it?

!Lara Croft!
02-05-08, 07:04
(NGLE) Whats the "Crash Resume System" and where do I download it?

02-05-08, 08:27
'old' NGLE winroomedit Version 1.0.9 or TRNG (with the tomb4.exe) ?

Anyway, you don't need to download it, it is a builtin feature.

In 'old' NGLE winroomedit you can de/activate it in the settings; the button to call the settings dialog is at the bottom many buttons in old NGLE winroomedit.
You'd only want to deactivate it for debugging.
It wil then crash on minor problems, so it creates a crash report you can send in. That's why CRS is on by default, it keeps NGLE from crashing at uncritical errors.

For TRNG newer Versions with tomb4.exe I think CRS is dis/abled in the level scripts, but you will need to wait for someone else to know.
Ususally you'd not want to fiddle with it.

02-05-08, 12:34
The crash resume system in TRNG is enabled/disabled in the script .

Scope: To use in [Options] section

CRS means Crash Resume System, it works in same way of CRS settings of NGLE program.
When CRS is enabled is very improbable the game was stopped by crash.

My suggestion about usage of CRS is to disable CRS (CRS=DISABLED) while you are building your level (because it's better to know if somewhat doensn't work), while to enable CRS only before developing your final release on the net to avoid further crashes at players.

(1) When CRS is disabled if a crash occurs a file named Last_Crash#.txt will be created in current TRLE folder.
Another little file (always the same) will be showed non just the game has been closed, to inform you it's happened a crash and where you can locate the specific Last_Crash file with crash log.
(2) You can post crash reports on following forum: "Bug Reports about NGLE" ( http://www.aspidetr.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=1748 )