View Full Version : How to rip sounds from TR1?

03-05-08, 09:03
Does anyone know what program is able to rip sounds from TR1? Or is there a special trick for this?

03-05-08, 09:20
Is it in MP3 type? If so, use madplay to rip the sounds to wav. type. If they aren't in the right wav., then use sound recorder to encode it to the right format. Just open your music in sound recorder, and press save as and change the bottom bit.

If it's in WMA use Nero to encode it- press encode in the audio part in Nero and change it to whatever you need. :D

jeffrey van oort
03-05-08, 09:21
Does anyone know what program is able to rip sounds from TR1? Or is there a special trick for this?

I think you can download them on trsearch. I am not sure about that because I downloaded it too:D I just don't remember where..

03-05-08, 09:40
The level files from the game are .phd. But in TR2 and TR3 all sounds and all music were placed in a central file named Main.sfx. I have absolutely no clue as to where the sounds are placed in TR1.

Besides, one of the sounds I'm after is a line Lara says during the setup of the soundcard. I really wonder where that sound is placed.

06-05-08, 13:26
Does anyone know how to rip TR1-sounds? Or the wads? How did Ukraider rip those?

06-05-08, 14:13
In TR1 the sounds are inside the phd files, just like with tr4. You can rip the soundfiles and objects with WADMerger, however as far as I know TR1 uses a different format for both the samples and the settings. You have to manually edit the wavs and sfx file to adjust all settings before it works correctly.

06-05-08, 14:33
So I rip the wad and then save it as a TR4-wad and then uses SoundJack to rip the sounds from the TR4-wad?

10-05-08, 10:27
Now I finally figured out what you meant, Michiel. When I rip the TR1-levels in WadMerger and save them all associated sounds are saved with them.

I had just made a mistake when I adjusted the settings for WadMerger so it saved the sounds somewhere else. DOH!

Last night I ripped almost all sounds from TR1. It took nearly no time with the new WadMerger. :jmp:

27-06-08, 16:36
But that last line Lara says when you adjust the settings for your sound card during the original setup of the game - where could that one be hiding? It's the one I'm really after.

God Horus
27-06-08, 17:06
Are you looking for the sound where Lara says "Right, let's go adventuring!"

02-07-08, 14:01

02-07-08, 14:59
Is it in a nullmesh object?

11-07-08, 16:10
As I mentioned it's used during the setup - before the game even begins.

Would that place the sound in a nullmesh?

I know Uranos somehow ripped the German version but perhaps he/she simply recorded it with sound recorder or similar.