View Full Version : How can I make a puzzle to open a door?

05-05-08, 14:17
Is it a possible to make a puzzle to trigger opening a door?
E.g. I complete a certain puzzle (place an object at it's rightful place for example) and a door opens.

05-05-08, 14:34
Yes see page 50 of the manual. :)

05-05-08, 14:43
Found in your trle folder ;)

jeffrey van oort
05-05-08, 14:49
If you use NGLE (I admit it is a bit different..)
Click the keyhole and place a keytrigger for this keyhole in the same square as the keyhole.
Then click the door and click on the square that you have the keyhole on and put the trigger there too. :) done.;)