View Full Version : Stupid texture problems!?

06-05-08, 19:39
I'm having a wierd texture problem , which is stopping me from making my SH game.:hea::hea:
I used Iceburgs texture tool, and saved it as tut1.tga, like normal.
It opens up in NGLE fine... however when I open it in Rviewer, the textures are missing! Instead it only shows a few (5 or 6) object textures where they should be.:mad::cen:
I have never had this problem before, even when making my Search for Avalon, which used the same program and tut level.
So why isn't it working now? Heres a few pics to show...
In NGLE: http://i27.************/2lxugpe.jpg
In Rviewer, all wrong!:http://i29.************/r902ti.jpg

06-05-08, 19:47
How does it look in game? If in game it shows correctly, it's proberly an RViewer problem. If in game it shows the same bad textures, then something went wrong when using tom2pc.

06-05-08, 20:30
It has to do with your TGA file, I think. You should make a new one, named sh1.TGA or something. Maybe it has to do with when you overwrite the tut1tex file. Or it could be when you were outputting your wad...you gave it the wrong TOM file or something. IDK don't listen to me because there is a high chance I'm wrong. heehee...

06-05-08, 21:19
don't listen to me
Why do you post it if you say yourself not to listen?

About the suggestion you gave: exporting WAD has absolutly nothing to do with textures. Textures are stored inside the TOM file so a wrong filename cannot cause trouble with the textures. That applies to objects only, exporting the tom with the wrong name might causes objects to be replaced by Lara's legs or hips.

06-05-08, 21:58
Something like this happened to me. I applied the textures correctly using one TGA file, then outputted it. When I played the texures were all messed up much like this case. When I loaded the PRG again, the textures that were messed up in the game were now in my 3D Face Edit view. That's all that happened wasn't it?