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06-05-08, 22:56
I need a bunch of classical music for my new level/game here is my current wanted list:
1812 Overture-Tchaikovski
Symphony No.40-Mozart
Flight of the Bumble Bee-Unknown
Symphony No. 5 In C Minor, Op. 67: Allegro Con Brio-Unknown
'Moonlight Sonata' 1st Movement-Beethoven
Turkish March-Mozart
Fur Elise-Beethoven

That's it for now. THEY NEED TO BE MP3 AND I NEED TO BE ABLE TO USE MADPLAY, AND WINDOW'S SOUND RECORDER ON THEM. Thank you so much, without these I wont be able to create what I had in mind...

07-05-08, 07:16
Have you even TRIED google?

07-05-08, 08:55
Limewire? :D:D:D

07-05-08, 18:45
Gawsh...lol...I'll try Limewire heehee...or Ares:pi:
Alright! I got some of them if anyone else wants to use them, here they are;)

07-05-08, 23:04
What is wrong with this...
It has to be fixable!:hea: Someone help please.

Zelda master
07-05-08, 23:07
Which program are you using, that can maybe help:)

08-05-08, 00:16
Why do you want to convert it to 22.050 kHz / mono / 16 bit anyway ?
Do you plan to use it as sample, not as ###.wav ?

08-05-08, 00:34
I plan to use it in my level as a wav but whenever I try to convert it using madplay, it always brings up that messgae.

08-05-08, 08:34
Use audacity to convert it normal to wav but when I tried to some music the music got slower so you first covert it as normal wav open it in windows sound recorder convert it to the right format and open it in audacity again to replace it right :D

08-05-08, 12:11
I don't know what went wrong at your end.
But it made me think that "start_me.exe" may treats mp3 that have a 'real' name, not just threedigit number, as samples.

Anyway, I converted them (33 MB) 5x music (http://www.hotlinkfiles.com/files/1298529_20fjx/somemusic.zip)

Btw. I think I learned it is Rimski-Korsakow with the "flight of the bumble bee", not Beethoven.

08-05-08, 18:46
I'll try your way. (about the flight of the bumble bee...lol)
EDIT: I think the link is bad or something...I can try it later

08-05-08, 20:22
Link corrected, sorry.
The forum added another URL-tag and that did not work anymore :hea:

08-05-08, 22:36
Thanks, it's taking an obscenely long time to load the page...

08-05-08, 23:48
The page is nt loading! It just...doesn't load:hea: Gawsh...any other places?
OMG Whatever I try doesn't work. I managed to convert them into wav, but when I do the whole IMA ADPCM convert thing with sound recorder, it doesn't play after that! I also tried it with microsoft ADPCM, still didn't work!!
Nevermind, I got it to load, now lets see if it works...