View Full Version : Ambience inside Ambience outside?

07-05-08, 10:32
Is this possible? to change the background music like this:

When I walk outside normal background music is playing but what if I enter a house ore a big temple can I change the background music so it will fit better into that space I entered? (and I don't need to trigger al the time but just trigger once)

jeffrey van oort
07-05-08, 11:01
I believe that the background music is hardcoded..
You can use 104 to 111 I think.
If you trigger it once it should loop.

Zelda master
07-05-08, 11:05
Take a look here (http://www.tombraiderforums.com/showpost.php?p=1369040&postcount=1)

07-05-08, 11:30
It doesn't realle explain to me I still don't know but if it's treu the background music starts with 104 and ends up with 111 that means I have 7 types of background ambience ?

Zelda master
07-05-08, 12:11
No you can use 7 different backgroundtracks if you want to, but as y6ou said you would like to use 2 different once, so trigger the other one when you want to and it should keep playing untill you trigger another one when used the right OCB:)

07-05-08, 13:50
another tip: It is wise to use a different audio number for your general level audio. Example 099. If you then tell your script to play this audio as general level audio then it will loop continuesly. This way you will have full 7 bgm's which you can use as explained above.