View Full Version : Inventory, become bigger dammit!

Zelda master
07-05-08, 14:40
I remade the TR3 crystals but i have one problem, even whenever i make the object bigger in Meta, it stays as small as it is now... can anyone help me...

Here´s a shot...

07-05-08, 15:05
How did you saved it with Meta?

jeffrey van oort
07-05-08, 17:14
Use the gem from the great library and retexture it as the save crystals.

07-05-08, 17:36
maybe he made new mesh so that wouldn't be an option ;)

Zelda master
07-05-08, 17:47
How did you saved it with Meta?


07-05-08, 17:50
I think you should change the size in the script and not in the mesh. When you define a pickup, key or puzzle item in the script, you should provide 6 numbers. The 2nd number sets the size of the item in the inventory. The smaller the number, the larger the object appears in the inventory. For the meaning of the other 5 numbers, see here (http://www.trsearch.org/Tutorial.php?action=gettut&id=6).

07-05-08, 18:40
Good lord, Michiel, you even wrote a tutorial on how to do this! Did you forget?



Also, Zelda Master, import another mesh and compare the size with your save crystal one, so you can get it just right. ;)

Zelda master
07-05-08, 18:43
I fixed it, somehow meta exported it many times smaller and it was supposed to, and i know how to export ive done it more then once:rolleyes: