View Full Version : New sounds causes my level to crash

God Horus
09-05-08, 20:04
Ok, so I decided to copy some of stranger1992's TR2 sounds into my game. His last sounds were great, so I figured they would be great too. They were, except for Lara running (it doesn't go well in my home level)

So I decided to copy over a new foot sound. I copied this one: http://www.trsearch.org/Items/2314, but now my level crashes. I have no idea what is wrong...

09-05-08, 20:20
It says you have to use a TREP patch. Have you tried that? I don't go for anything rated under 4 stars just in case it mucks up my game. :D

God Horus
09-05-08, 20:39
Well, I do have that option enabled.

Luckily Mads saved me by sending me working sounds. :D