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Jean Yves
09-05-08, 20:20
Hi guys, after making my level, outputting the WAD etc. I go into the SCRIPT.txt file to edit the level name, but when I do this and try to save, I get a message that reads:

"Cannot create the C:\Program Files\Tomb Raider Level Editor\Script\SCRIPT.TXT file

Make sure that the path and file names are correct"

And so it will never let me adit my level info

Any ideas?

09-05-08, 20:36
Are you running trle in Vista ?

Then it may have to do with you not having the rights to change files in C:\Program Files\

You can try to install trle into My_Documents\Tomb Raider Level Editor instead of into C:\Program Files\.
This I know helped users with another program where Vista would not allow for temporary files to be deleted / altered.

The other thing you can try is :
Being logged in as administrator in Windows Vista, in Windows-Explorer with a right-button-click on it you can call the properties of the folder that holds everything (typically C:\program files\Core Design\Tomb Raider Level Editor)
and in the security tab you can set permissions for the class USERS. That maybe will do the trick (allow you to change files).


Jean Yves
09-05-08, 20:41
yes i am, is that why? If so how can i get around it?

09-05-08, 20:44
Oops, sorry, I edited above post, hit F5 :cln:

Jean Yves
09-05-08, 20:53
Wow! :-) it worked! Thankyou soooooo much buddy, this thing was giving me a headache! lol,

cheers again!