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Kill drum&base
09-05-08, 21:28
i skate and jst wondered does any one else?:jmp:

09-05-08, 21:29

Mad Tony
09-05-08, 21:30
...:confused:I think he's just wondering does any one skate here skate?

Tomb Raider Master
09-05-08, 21:31
It was never my thing, and I don't think it'll ever be.

Kill drum&base
09-05-08, 21:33
It was never my thing, and I don't think it'll ever be.

fair play
and ur all very quick to comment i only just mad the thread

09-05-08, 22:33
i have a skateboard. i sorta know how to balance on it. *shame and pride*

truthfully, i like freerunning better.

09-05-08, 22:38
I broke my wrist whilst skateboarding once and that kinda put a crimp on my ever deciding to do it again... Pain and I don't actually mix. :D

Unless perhaps a riding crop or cane is involved, but even then it has to be done sparingly.

09-05-08, 23:09
Here it was something that everyone got into in Middle School. I could never do it. I prefer the roller blades, how 90's is that. I liked the skate shoes though. Vans are so comfy.

10-05-08, 00:20
I prefer to be a rollerblading fiend too, personally. Hey Angel666 what part of SC are you in?

10-05-08, 01:06
I cant skateboard at all, but the shoes are comfy haha:D

10-05-08, 02:41
I "used" to sk8 (lol) but I NEVER got good at it after a good 2-3 years, I couldn't even ollie or drop in.

Now I just rock climb and play guitar. :)

ben croft
10-05-08, 03:36
I like skateboarding... soo cool. :tmb: And rollers too.