View Full Version : Doomsday

09-05-08, 22:31
Anyone seen this yet? It just came out in the UK today.

Have to say, I absolutely loved it. It was so completely dreadful that it was AWSOME. Best way to describe it would be that it was like an 80's post-apocalypse movie (say, Mad Max) with modern special effects, and it knew it was utter trash, so it didn't even try to be serious.

Seriously, when *spoiler* Siouxsie and the Banshees starts playing while a guy gets barbecued alive by savage tribal Glaswegians you can't help but start giggling. :cln:

09-05-08, 22:53
Looking forward to this :) I really enjoyed Dog Soldiers and The Descent so I hope this doesn't disappoint. Was Rhona Mitra any cop?