View Full Version : Objects never open up right in meta

God Horus
10-05-08, 01:01
So I have an object, and it is in dfx format. I need to make one change to it, so I open it up in Meta. I know I am doing something wrong here, because it looks like this every time I open it up:
-image removed-

Anyone know how to fix this? Because I am fairly sure objects should not be opening up like that... Because when I import this into strpix, it doesnt show up.

10-05-08, 01:04
I think if you change the multiply... ;)

God Horus
10-05-08, 01:08
But what do I change it to? I will play around for a bit. But when I open it up, what should the appropriate size be about?

10-05-08, 01:18
I put 1.000 and the object opens right... and the X value is 1

God Horus
10-05-08, 01:21
Alright, thanks!

I removed the image because I don't want anyone seeing nothing!

edit - oh no, now it opens up all messed up! I will keep trying!