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10-05-08, 10:03
I have a door type 2 at right angles to a kickdoor. The trigger for doortype2 is on the square in front of both doors. I'm wondering if there is some rule I'm unaware of regarding use of the kick door. I placed it correctly from the other side from which it is to be triggered, but when Lara approaches it, she cannot get onto the square in front of it. It's like she runs into a wall.

I have checked the collision the statics in the room and used Fexanim to check the collision on the kickdoor. It's not perfect but it's not a whole square out either.


Has anyone any ideas about this - (the picture - if it shows up - shows how close Lara gets) - or do I need to find another door?

jeffrey van oort
10-05-08, 10:26
Did you place the door in between a room to a "door" to an other room?
This invisable collision appears when you have a door placed in a room without having it placed to a door to the next room.
Show me a picture of your 2d squares in either NGLE or TRLE. (Upper left)

10-05-08, 10:29
This is very common with doors. Every door has it as it is hardcoded. When you rotate a door in the editor the block will be outside in game.

You have to place the door on a portal to another room. Then this block will be gone. When it is on a portal you are able to pull it open or kick it open, I dont know exactly but the kick door works on both sides when placed on a portal.

For normal doors well they just have to be on a portal too but as you know normal doors open only with a trigger. You dont need a trigger for the pull, kick door.

10-05-08, 21:23
Thanks guys. I guess I should have thought about things a bit longer! However, I'd just rebuilt several hours work from last weekend and took a short cut with this particular room.
The problem is, of course, that it's not a door into another room - a very basic mistake on my part!
Talk about brain fade! :o