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Zelda master
10-05-08, 14:00

When Lara finds a secret room in a Libarary with different old books, one of them contains some information about a hidden temple in a jungle located in Mexico. Lara decides to go emediantly to the location, there she finds the temple, but also a bit more then she wished for...

This will be my first level set, and im alrady working on it for a bit more then half a year, i hope ill be able of releasing it soon, but i think ill keep working on it for quite some time:)


10-05-08, 14:01
It looks amazing!! I just finished the TRIII India levels it looks just as good. Very nice lighting

10-05-08, 14:18
1st screen is amazing you have come on a lot, 2nd one isnt very good bescause of the texturing. And...where does the light come from in the second screen> :ton:

Zelda master
10-05-08, 16:01
I dont know, same as in your case... nowhere:p
But i always put blue lightbupls around water, makes it look nice:D

10-05-08, 16:17
It looks very nice, and it's a big visual improvement from your last released level. :tmb:

10-05-08, 20:15
I like the first one very much.
For the second one, I just don't like it when Lara's head is into the ceiling (well, almost).

Just to tell you for the final version better remove the second ',
so that it says The Jungle's Secrets, else people maybe will talk too much about that instead of your game itself. Or maybe even turn around : The Secrets of the Jungle, or giving it a name The Secrets of the ***** Jungle.

Zelda master
11-05-08, 07:38
Here head isn't in the ceiling, it looks like that, but it isn't she's standing a bit infront of the ceiling:)

Zelda master
01-06-08, 19:58
I made some progress with the first level and im half way through it, now im relooking at my work and bigs the bugs and the textures, and then ill go and continue... But first here's one of the latest shots :)

01-06-08, 22:29
Beautiful! I see you're taking care of texturing! Keep up the good work! :tmb:

01-06-08, 22:33
IT LOOKS EXCELENT!!:jmp::hug: May I ask why you put it in a quote? lol... And I see something in the top right hand corner! IT LOOKS LIKE A FALL!! YAY!!!