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10-05-08, 18:46
Something is wrong!! When Lara is about to die (getting impaled with spikes) it makes a short spike sound and then the game crashes(DETECTED CRASH Saved as crash_report_1...blablabla) But I know it has to do with Lara's death animations because she doesn't preform them!
WHAT DO I DO??:confused:

God Horus
10-05-08, 18:59
You are definatley missing the spike death animation. Try downloading Updated Wads from TRC.com, and replace your Lara object with that one.

10-05-08, 20:14
Ah I know what it is. Thanks for helping me dawn on myself Jesse:hug:

11-05-08, 02:09
The download site on TRC.com isn't working for some reason...uh...

God Horus
11-05-08, 13:05
Don't worry, I'll PM you my Lara object. I haven't changed any animations yet, and so far this Lara object works fine...

11-05-08, 15:43
Ok...your a life saver:hug:

!Lara Croft!
11-05-08, 20:25
Could you send me one too? My ones gone all buggy.

11-05-08, 21:54
You can just download one of PoYu's recent Lara outfits and copy the LARA object from the outfit WAD and you'll have all Lara's animations. No need to download a tons of WADs.

11-05-08, 22:16
Heehee^ that's what I did, then it got screwed up. But I managed to fix it somehow. NO NEED TO SEND ME YOUR LARA OBJECT JESSE

13-05-08, 16:22
I think you'll find if you're using TRNG that you haven't enabled the CRS= Enabled in the script.