View Full Version : Serious Puzzle Help Needed

10-05-08, 20:27
This is to do with 4 puzzle items for one door.

When I put the trigger bits in:

Puzzle 1- 1
Puzzle 2- 2
Puzzle 3- 3
Puzzle 4- 4 and 5,

If I find a puzzle item and slot it in the Puzzle 4 slot before finding the other three the door opens immediately! :(

What am I doing wrong?

How do I make it that she needs all 4 for the door, and can't just skip to the last one?

Do I need to use a trigger triggerer on that square or something? :confused:

10-05-08, 21:19
Are you sure you set up the codebits correctly in the trigger? If you by accident selected the codebits in the puzzle object itself, it won't work. They must be selected in the trigger. Also make sure in the door no codebits are selected.

It should work the way you describe it, so you proberly selected the codebits incorrectly. There are some more instructions about how code bits work here: