View Full Version : Textures From TRAE : CORE DESIGN.

!Lara Croft!
11-05-08, 06:51
This may be an INCREDIBLY stupid question, but, does anyone have the greece textures from the cancelled TRAE by CORE DESIGN. I saw the atlantis ones on TRSearch so i thought an inquiry would have nothing to lose.

Zelda master
11-05-08, 07:29
Take a look here (http://trsearch.org/):)

!Lara Croft!
11-05-08, 07:34
You dont think that ive already sifted through TRSearch's Textures. :(

11-05-08, 08:31
It's not a stupid question. It makes sense. Who does not want those beautiful textures :) Anyway I dont think the creator of the Atlantis textures made the ones for Greece. I think they were made by another artist.

Anyway I know you are interested and maybe you find some other useful textures. This is the original page where they came from: