View Full Version : Dxtre3D download doesnt work.

!Lara Croft!
11-05-08, 07:13
Dxtre3D download doesnt work. I really want this LE, could someone repair the download. Please.:(

11-05-08, 07:17
what link are you using ? :)
( post it here and I will try )

!Lara Croft!
11-05-08, 07:22
I go to the website, i click "download now" for the program itself and it comes up with,
Http 404 Not Found.

Heres the website,


11-05-08, 07:32
Yep, I see what you mean. Obviously there is a problem :hea:
BUT...... guess what?? I have on my PC Yes, the exact same programme.
I have uploaded it to here ( zipped ) So go get it :D


!Lara Croft!
11-05-08, 07:39
:yah::yah:!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!THANKYOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :yah::yah: