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12-05-08, 15:29
(I'm not sure if this has been posted before, or if it's in the right thingy).

Good luck to anyone doing GCSEs, all the best and spend some time revising for the exam the day before. Not to say that you haven't been revising for ages...

Good luck all, I'm taking them as well.

14-05-08, 17:57
Yeh and I just did one today it was a killer (R.E 2hrs)!

14-05-08, 18:06
Good luck!

Had that last year, it was torture, I'm doing my AS exams right now actually, 1 more to go!

14-05-08, 19:33
just found out if i got the options i wanted for GCSE.
i got art,textiles,german and more maths

14-05-08, 20:19
haven't got options back yet but should soon know what I will be doing. I started English coursework today. For option I went for French, P.E , Travel and tourism( B-TEC)and Geography,thing is it's taking a while becasue everyone wants to change their option sheets, and it's a a week after SATS tests where I had to shut up for 6 hours, it was aweful, what a streessful week, Whats it gonna be like in 2 years when I finish school? I'm terrified


Lara's Backpack
15-05-08, 02:03
In my state we have testing for our "overall positioning" on top of exams for everything else. Eugh, So not looking forward to it.

15-05-08, 02:10
what's a GCSE? is it like an SAT test or just an end of year exam?

15-05-08, 02:22
Good luck to everyone! :tmb: :)

Lara's Backpack
15-05-08, 03:43
what's a GCSE? is it like an SAT test or just an end of year exam?

Yeah, kind of like that. I wish we did SAT's, my state is the only state with the "OP" form of testing - The better the school you go to the better your changes of getting a better OP. Its really biased, but im not complaining - Im very lucky in terms of the school I attend.

15-05-08, 10:00
I hate exams!! :(
I should be revising since it AS and I need the grades to stay in... but I have two TR games to finish and FFX. Plus a load of FF to work at and about six new books to read. To top it off, I feel so ill.

Besides, I learnt a long time ago that being the best in your year counts for nothing if you can't focus in the exam hall.

15-05-08, 10:04
o i have 16 exams too look forward to(!) :( but i will revise like mad :p