View Full Version : Cant seem to load wad

12-05-08, 17:03
this message appears when i try to convert my wad to tr4
i made a room and converting worked
then i textured it and it didnt work anymore
i deleted it and it worked again
i spend much time on the room and dont want to delete
is there a way to fix?:(

God Horus
12-05-08, 17:05
What does the message say?

12-05-08, 17:13
cant seem to load wad

God Horus
12-05-08, 17:14
Hmm... I am not too sure about this, I will look around to see if anyone had the same problem before.

12-05-08, 18:10
when i use more than 1 texture in the room it crashes
this is so strange

12-05-08, 18:53
I deletde textures in room and it worked
then i made another room and teyxtured
not working again:(
is there a limit of textures or so?