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12-05-08, 16:22
Wierd Flipmap Problem:

If I have a door in a wall in room 1, but it is covered by a block raised up, Then I press alt+F to go into the flipped room one, if I edit the block that is covering the door so it does not cover the door, when i go to another room then come back the block has returned to its original position.

It also happens whenever i change any block next to a door portal in a flipped room, even if its just going up or down a click it still everts back to normal??? Please help....

12-05-08, 19:28
Similar problem here. I have not found a solution for this but in order to "fix" this you must outsmart the level editor.
After editing the block ( raising it to cover the hole ) do not use Alt + Z or anything else to move to another room. But first flip the map off so it becomes normal. As long as you do not return to flipping mode it will be fine

But it is hell of an annoying and does not always work ( especially if you want to texture it from the other side ) so anybody else have brilliant solution. Let us hear =|

13-05-08, 07:09
According to the manual, after you make changes to the flipmap, you have to press Alt F to get back to the unflipped room. If you don't do this, changes to the flipmap aren't saved.

13-05-08, 08:19
Isn't that the same way as pressing the Flipmap button to return to the unflipped room? Have to see for myself.

No aktrekker, You got the wrong picture. The problem is not the flipmap changes being saved or not. The problem is the bounding doors between two rooms. When you modify the square excactly at the boundingdoor the square will return to flat/normal if you use ALT+Z or move to another room. It does not matter if you return to normal mode or flipping mode.
Like I said, you can outsmart the editor but as soon as you want to texture the other side it will also return to normal.

I don't know if this is simply a bug or something else. I am sure almost everybody bumped into this problem, it is like a classical problem.

13-05-08, 15:50
Oh lame..... Well THanks you, I may havea a solution, Instead the flipmap will trigger the same kind of thing but it will move in another area, changing a slope to stairs to allow you to pass, because the slop is nowhere near the doors. Thanks n e way :)

13-05-08, 18:07
Common problem and is programmed this way in the editor. The edge of a flipmap room cannot be edited. If you want to edit editorblocks in front of a portal then you must flip the adjoining room also. Then you are able to create those blocks. I think it's stupid of the programmers to make this limit.

As Yasin says you can trick the editor, I did this a long time ago. Just make the changes and flip back before touch anything. But remember to this this everytime you make changes to the flipmap. Also remember to not use raising blocks and trapdoors as they will loose their collision in the flipmap.

14-05-08, 07:08
I thought I had a test level where I did exactly the same thing. I don't recall having any problems. I'll have to look for it and see what I did.

Edit: I do have a test level where I used a flipmap to simulate a teleport. I used a raised block in the flipmap to block a door. I had no problem texturing it. Maybe I just don't understand the problem :confused:

15-05-08, 17:46
Ok Another flipmap problem, I thought it would be pointless making a new thread:

I set up my flipmap using everything the manual says but after triggering the flipmap when i entered the room the game crashed. I don't mean the normal somthings wrong crash i meen a computer jamming complete freeze? Tomb radier just froze and i couldnt get to the desktop or anything??? I had to reeboot the comp. I dunno wots going on??