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12-05-08, 16:34
my waterfall_loop doesn't work, but watterfall_loop noituse ore something does work but when I hear it in game it doesn't sounds well like it should!

12-05-08, 22:43
Make sure it is ticked in wadmerger:)

24-05-08, 17:54
(Instead of making a new thread I decided to Hijack this really old one;))

MY SOUNDS DON'T WORK. Only some of them do. I tried manually checking them off in wadmerger, didn't work, I tried to run the pacwadsfx what ever thing. THEY JUST DON'T WORK.
1-Lara doesn't grunt when she hits a wall and grabs on to it
2-darts don't make a sound
3-niether do floor or roof-4-blades
4-niether do bats
5-when swimming on a surface, no noise
THAT IS ALL I HAVE SO FAR. Why can't all the noises just work!?:hea:

24-05-08, 21:24
A wonderful tutorial step by step explained by Essgee to help you fix your problems. I don't know the exact cause but you better start reading and hopefully fixing.

Read example #2

24-05-08, 22:20
You can also use SFX Manager, it is really simple to work with it;)
Clicky (http://pascal.larashome.com/Tools.htm)

24-05-08, 22:57
Thanks, I'll try it later:hug: