View Full Version : Who's been Pushing Daisies?

12-05-08, 21:52
Who been watching the uniquely odd show that is Pushing Daisies?


It has to be one of the most unique and visually brilliant shows on TV this year. The cast are perfect, the scenes are amazing, and the Music is brilliant. Plus, its from the mind that brought us Dead like me...

Has anyone else seen this brilliant show?

12-05-08, 22:00
It was good. When's the next season?

12-05-08, 22:04
I heard that Filming starts in June-they had originally ordered 22 episodes, but the writers strike meant only 9 were finished, and us Brits only get to see 8 of them.

12-05-08, 22:07
Ouch, only 8...That writers strick was understandable but, should it really have cut so many episodes? I agree with the writers on everything, they did disearve more money.

12-05-08, 22:12
Yeah, ITV only had space for 8 episodes- I wonder how they do their scheduling-so that chose to cut out the second episode. We've just finished the one with Bubblegum, the Labbra-doodle-collie-russel or whatever.

I have to say, the scripting is amazing-

"I'm wearing too many clothes!"
"You're not wearing any clothes?!"

12-05-08, 22:24
I hate this program it just makes me feel ill.

12-05-08, 22:25

12-05-08, 22:26
I am serious the whole bringing dead people back to life then killing them the next second, that makes me feel ill. There is somthing not right about this program.

12-05-08, 22:29
anyway, i saw the debut, but i'm planning to watch the next season :D

imo, a very creative show!

12-05-08, 23:01
I watched one episode but it was very odd and surreal. It was the one about the four women and the dog named Bubble Gum. It was funny but not exactly my cup of tea :tmb:

Real Life Raider
12-05-08, 23:03
I like the show but the narrator is the guy who narrates the bonus feature Harry Potter discs so I keep expecting him to start off about Griffindor or quiditch at any moment.......

Yunas Wish
12-05-08, 23:04
The show began transmision here on April 10th. I must say its utterly brilliant and one of the best shows Ive ever had the pleasure to watch.

I love the colours, the plot, the names, the characters, the weird events that take place, the misteries...:D

13-05-08, 06:58
I've been watching this show & I love it!:D

13-05-08, 08:25
I've been watching it, but it's starting to annoy me...

13-05-08, 12:25
I am serious the whole bringing dead people back to life then killing them the next second, that makes me feel ill. There is somthing not right about this program.
Good thing its fictional then.

I love Dead Like Me (cant wait for the movie!!) and I caught a bit of Pushing Daisies because my mum's a fan, it was the episode the other day about the guy that died when he fell on a dog brush. I enjoyed what I saw :D

13-05-08, 12:53
I prefer Wonderfalls, also by Bryan Fuller, but Pushing Daisies has been good so far.

13-05-08, 13:40
It's a great show, Tim Burton meets Desparate Housewives in a weird Dr. Zeuss kind of way.

Used to watch it on ITV, but that channel's so unreliable I'm just watching it online instead :tmb:

Great casting, genuinely clever script, and lots of colour- I don't really know, but what's with all the colour in this show? :D

13-05-08, 13:48
what's with all the colour in this show? :D
To take away from the grim concept? :p

13-05-08, 13:54
To take away from the grim concept? :p
Lol! Maybe. I wouldn't class the show as grim, or sinister- I think it's just a very tongue-in-cheek way of looking at the world.

13-05-08, 14:44
The trailers almost made me wanna watch it but I didn't bother in the end.