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26-05-04, 01:05
Once I tried hanging over a pit of spikes.
I thought I could position Lara's shadow between two spikes and she wouldn't be hurt after she dropped. It made sense to me. Needless to say, it didn't work!

Many times I was ready to blast a big brute coming after me. When I was ready to fire the shotgun, I pushed the wrong key and put it away by mistake! When I finally took it out again, it was too late. OOOOCH, OWWWW! UHHHHH!

When I first started playing TR, I tried walking through walls. Some of the doors Lara could put an elbow or maybe her knee into. So I kept trying to get her whole body through the closed door. I found out just recently this is a programming quirk called "clipping". It is easy to fix with code, but uses up more memory, so they leave it in the game.

26-05-04, 03:37
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